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Alhumdulillah, Nida-Ul-Islam offers a wide range of services for the local and National Muslim Community.

Religious Sercives

  • Five daily prayers
  • Jumuah Services
  • Salatul-Taraweeh during Ramadhan
  • Qiyam-ul-layl(nightly recitation of the Holy Quran by various Huffaz) during last 10 nights of Ramadhan
  • Itikaf for brother during last 10 mights of Ramadhan
  • Annual workshops on Hajj and Umra
  • Monthly Discourses (Islahi Programs)
  • Weekly Dars and Halaqas including
    • Tafseer of Quran
    • Recitation of Darood upon Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)
    • Zikr gatherings

Educational Services

  • Full Time Hifz Program for boys and girls with Secular Studies
  • Full Time Alimah Program for girls with Secular Studies
  • Islamic Weekend School – Every Sunday
  • Secular Education fully accredited by the state of NJ
  • Evening Quran classes for children and adults
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Social/Community Services

  • Scholarly Consultation for individuals or families
    • Consultation may be arranged in-person with Mufti Abdul Muqtadir
    • Questions may be asked via our online question and answer forum at AskImam
  • Marriage/Nikkah Services
  • Zakat and Sadaqa collection/distribution
  • Annual Meat Collection for the Poor after Eid-ul-Adha
  • Monthly moon-sighting, as per the Sunnah of our Prophet (Peace be upon him)
  • Monthly Youth Programs
  • Quarterly Seminars/Workshops
  • Annual Community Barbeque
  • Use of facility by the members of the community for Aqeeqa, Nikkah Ceremony, Quran Khawani, and other approved programs
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